Covid-19 Total Antibody IgG/IgM Rapid Tests

The Viracheck!™ antibody detection kit is used for the qualitative detection of new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in human serum, plasma and whole blood samples in vitro. The antibodies to the new coronavirus include IgM and IgG. Using the antibody detection kits, the IgM / IgG antibodies can be read with the naked eye in 15 minutes and can be detected on the 7th day of the infection or on the 3rd day of the onset of the disease, which can provide a rapid detection method for patients with suspected new coronary pneumonia. A positive IgM antibody indicates a recent infection, while a positive IgG antibody indicates a longer infection or a previous infection.

This kit can detect IgG and IgM antibodies at the same time, which can more effectively evaluate suspected cases. It can break through the limitations of existing detection technologies on the site and operation, it also can be used as a supplement or synergy for nucleic acid detection.

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Why Viracheck!?

Viracheck!™ is a subsidiary of Catheter Precision Inc. and its leaders have been in the biomedical field for the last 35 years. Experience, and safety are at the forefront of what we do and you can trust that our tests will provide accurate and expedient results. We know how important our mission is and we are excited to get the test into your hands fast. Please consider joining our weekly newsletter to get discounts, news and more.

FLEXIBLE Simple pin prick to collect fingertip blood 
COMPLETE Comes with disposable bio-waste  bag 
FAST 10-minute result
CONVENIENT Simple finger prick and easy to administer.  
CLEAR Easy to read test 
PRECISE Recombinant antigen of eukaryotic cells, 99% effective 
SAFE No need to go into public, keep safe social distancing 

Coronavirus has turned into a national crisis. Viracheck!™ is here to help. Countries like South Korea have been at the forefront of containing coronavirus. Experts have claimed testing early and often is one of the main aspects of being able to flatten the curve with the coronavirus. Our tests can help feel in the gap for the lack of tests. We know how important it is to have accurate and safe testing. Our tests are not FDA cleared. Knowing whether you have the coronavirus can make a huge difference in stopping the spread of the disease. A negative test result does not rule out infection. A positive result may be due to past or present infection with non-SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus strains.

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